Sand TreasuresTM

In 1998, Sand Treasures began making its sand excavation hobby kits.
Like many other original ideas, they have been imitated, over-packaged, and mass
produced in foreign lands, but we stay committed to our minimalist approach.
We sell mainly to park stores, tourist attractions and museums.
We are not carried by any national retailer.
Just soften with water then go searching for "treasures". 

All prices in US Dollars

Sand Treasures                                      [Demonstration video]

Features seashells, gemstones and an old Canadian penny or nickel at least 50 years old.

Sand Treasures (Canadian Edition) $6.98
Sand Treasures (Canadian Edition)
Shrink Wrapped
Sand Treasures                                    

Features seashells, gemstones and a coin from around the world.

Sand Treasures (World Edition) $6.98
Sand Treasures (World Edition)
Shrink Wrapped
Snow Treasures                                      [Demonstration video]

Features natural quartz crystals, gemstones and a world coin.

Snow Treasures $6.98
Snow Treasures - Shrink Wrapped $6.98
Love Treasures                                      [Demonstration video]

Features quartz crystals, gemstones and a pewter figurine.

Love Treasures $6.98
Love Treasures - Shrink Wrapped $6.98
Snow Ball Flurries                                  [Demonstration video]

Features a variety of gemstones of assorted sizes.

Snow Ball Flurries $7.98

Fire Balls and
Shooting Stars
                                       [Demonstration video]

Features a real meteor impact tektite and other assorted gemstones. (Fireballs came first as a compliment to Snow Balls. Shooting Stars have the contents, they are just easier to shrink-wrap.)

Fire Balls $7.98
Shooting Stars $7.98
Fossil Find                                              [Demonstration video]

Search for at least five real fossils including ammonites, crinoids, petrified wood, polished coral and turritella agate. Also includes a geologic time scale to help determine the age of each fossil.

Fossil Find $11.98
Rainbow Treasures                               [Demonstration video]

Contains at least five treasures including a quartz crystal, multi-coloured gemstones, golden pyrite nugget and a world coin.

Rainbow Treasures $8.98
Rainbow Gold                                      

Contains at least five treasures including a citrine quartz crystal, tiger-eyed gemstones, a golden pyrite nugget and a world coin.

Rainbow Gold $8.98
Wishbone                                               [Demonstration video]

Like the traditional wishbone, two "wishes" pull on each arm of the wishbone until it breaks. The "wisher" who breaks off the larger section is assumed to have their wish granted...In addition, soften with water and carefully remove the sand to discover seven treasures representing 'lucky' symbols from around the world. Includes: a pewter dolphin, amethyst, rainbow agate and tiger-eye gemstones, a tektite (from a falling star), a golden pyrite nugget and a lucky Irish penny.

Wishbone $11.98
Message in a Bottle             [Demonstration video]

Features pewter letter links and chain hidden within gemstones
and white sand. Choice of 10 different words and special edition CANADA available.

Message in a Bottle   $12.98
The Great Canadian Beaver Bank        [Demonstration video]

This coin/money bank, resembling a beaver's home (lodge), is a great place to store all your precious loot. A little different, this money bank has its coin slot on the bottom, similar to how a beaver enters its home. (nickels not included)

Beaver Bank $14.98
The Great Canadian Nature Chest       [Demonstration video]

This hand-made wooden chest features a locking pin and a sliding chamber to hold all sorts of little treasures. Comes with a variety of small gemstones and an old Canadian coin in a secret hiding place.

Nature Chest $12.98

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All prices in US Dollars.

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