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Coins have been used in exchange for goods going back to ancient Greece and perhaps beyond. Often the value of the coin was directly related to the value of the metal used to make the coin. (e.g. silver and gold.) In modern times the value is more symbolic, the value being set relative to other world currencies. Many of the older coins in Safe Crackers have been removed from circulation, meaning they are no longer legal tender. They do posess a collectors value however, which often exceeds the orginal value.
Modern Greek Coin
Coins offer a great insight to the history and culture of their country. Be it a seafaring nation, or a land of unique flora and fauna, coins often depict a nation's most cherished symbols and achievements.
Although the vast majority of coins are solid round coins, some have different shapes and others have holes. Some are shaped simply to give a unique design while others have a more practical purpose. In some countries, traditional clothing does not afford pockets so often coins are carried on strings or sticks.

Great Britian
Finding the country of origin of a particular coin is usually straight forward as the country name is often found somewhere on the coin. Great Britian is one exception. Countries belonging to the British commonwealth (such as Canada) usually feature the reigning monarch on their coins along with the name of the country. A coin featuring a English monarch without a country name, orginates from Great Britian.
Although the country name is often found on the coin, it is spelled in the native language of the country so sometimes is not easily recognized. See the table below to help identify the country of origin.
AustriaOsterreich Schilling (100 Groschen)
BelgiumBelgie Franc
DenmarkDanmarkKroner (100 Ore)
FranceFrancaise Franc (100 Centimes)
GermanyDeutschland Mark (100 Pfennig)
IrelandEire Punt
ItalyItaliana Lira
MexicoMexicanos Pesos (100 Centavos)
NetherlandsNederlanden Guilders (100 Cents)
NorwayNorge Kroner (100 Ore)
PhilippinesPilipinas Peso (100 Centavos)
PolandPolska Zloty (100 Groszy)
PortugalPortuguesa Escudo (100 Centavos)
Soviet Union (Russia)CCCP Ruble (100 Kopecks)
SpainEspana Peseta
SwedenSverige Krona (100 Ore)
SwitzerlandHelvetia Franc (100 Centimes)


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