The Auto Claw is a quick and easy traction aid that's fast, effective and environmentally friendly.

Placed in line with the wheel(s) which have lost traction, the Auto Claw is designed grip the ice, break apart and crush under the tire providing the necessary traction. Made from the same environmentally friendly ingredients as our excavation products, simply drive away as the Auto Claw erodes away naturally after use.

An alternative to a bag of sand, kitty litter or a piece of carpet, the Auto Claw is easily stored in the trunk or under the seat of the vehicle.

Ideal on icy surfaces, the Auto Claw is easier to apply and more effective than loose sand. They are a great addition to a winter safety kit.

The Auto Claw  in Action

Auto Claw 1 (WMV file 1.1 MB)

Auto Claw 2 (WMV file 0.9 MB)