Sand Treasures is a small home-based business located just north of the small town of Minden, Ontario, Canada. Established before the turn of the century (in 1998), we exist simply to manufacture and sell quality products which hopefully give joy and a sense of discovery to those who use them.

Our main products are best described as sand excavation/exploration activity toys. They are made from a mixture of sand and gypsum plaster. Gypsum plaster is used as the bonding agent because it is water-soluble, non-toxic and naturally occurring in the environment. Through the use of customized moulds and techniques, the mixture is formed into varying shapes to produce each of our unique products. All the products we sell are hand-made in our workshop.

Placed in water, our products soften enough to allow the sand to be carefully worked away. It takes about an hour to recover all the buried treasure. Kids and adults alike find our products to be a fun and intriguing activity.

The Sand Treasures product line has grown over the years and now includes several unique products.  We sell to a wide range of retailers, but mainly to souvenir shops, museums, science centres, provincial and national parks, toy stores and tourist attractions all across Canada.

Although, as the saying goes, "Often imitated, but never duplicated", the big manufacturers are quick to copy our ideas, but we are determined to keep providing that "certain something" which the big businesses just can't match.

Thank you for your interest in Sand Treasures and have a fun-filled adventurous day!

Bruce White
Sand Treasures